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Within 2 years, mobile ad spend is projected to represent 72% of total ad budgets.

The average person spends almost 3 hours a day on a mobile device. That’s 30 minutes more than they spend on a computer, and the gap continues to widen.

Just as digital ad spending has siphoned dollars away from TV, print, and outdoor advertising, mobile ad spend has been chipping away at the money spent targeting users on desktop.

If you’re not yet advertising in the mobile space, you’re missing the fastest growing segment of Internet traffic and a key piece to a profitable performance marketing strategy.

Approaching Your Ad Spend Like a High-Frequency Day Trader

The training and experience we have optimizing ads across social and search is the same expertise that will put your ads in front of high-value customers across mobile devices.

And while advertising on mobile means leveraging our social expertise for Facebook and Twitter, it also means accessing more than one billion impressions per day across our mobile RTB partner networks, providing campaign and inventory data that helps us optimize for your media goals and target your best customers.

Displaying Ads will maximize the value of your ad spend by ensuring you have a strong mobile advertising strategy that targets only your most profitable users on mobile.

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