Don’t You, Forget About…Bing

In a fast-paced and often stretched agency life, we as paid advertisers, naturally become focussed on the bigger picture: optimising accounts that will lead to the biggest impact for our clients, or in simple terms, focusing our efforts on Google.  

This approach is perfectly understandable. The majority of the market rests with this media partner, and where the feet fall (in this case fingertips) advertisers have no choice but to follow. Google holds the tiger share of the market, where most of opportunities lie and where maximum sales materialise.

Clearly this is why tactics on Bing are either best-case scenario’s; where you mirror everything on Google onto Bing, or the worst-case; where you ignore or forget about Bing entirely.

If you happen to fall into the latter category or perhaps aren’t even using Bing ads then:

  1. Stop reading this blog immediately
  2. Contact your Bing rep today and bada-bing, bada-boom, you can get your new account set up to advertise to an audience which your client is missing out on
  3. I’m just kidding about #1

At Displaying Ads we believe in being on the right device, at the right time, in front of the right user and Bing is another important avenue for this. So, if showcasing your client’s offering to a new audience isn’t enough to convince you to show your PPC ads on Bing, perhaps the below will.

One of our clients, Sky Store, continuously sees exceptionally impressive performance on Bing compared to Google in terms of Click Through Rate and Cost Per Click;


When we compare the volume from Bing and Google, Bing is undeniably smaller, delivering just 6% of our total clicks, however, this comes at half the cost (with a 56% smaller CPC), while at the same time delivering 13% of our total sales and 12% of our total revenue. Essentially Return On Investment for Bing is 361% higher than Google’s.


These are the results of a search engine that is screaming efficiency and one that everyone (including you) should be taking advantage of. Ultimately with Google’s loss of Firefox to Yahoo in the US, and Apple’s recent decision not to renew its search contract with Google, Bing is in a prime position to grow. It represents a cost-efficient, conversion-ripe engine, which can immediately boost your client’s performance. So what’s stopping you? Check your accounts, or create one and you’ll ‘Bing’ it all back to you.

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