Camel Casing: Best Practice For Your Ads? Here’s Why It Should Be

It’s been drilled into me since I was a fresh faced PPCer. Proper Camel Casing of your ads will make all the difference. Its best practice! But what exactly is ‘proper’ camel casing and how much of a difference can it really make?

A recent study carried out by my Displaying Ads colleagues across the pond really brought home what a striking affect such a simple inclusion can make in paid search. Camel Casing is not an exact science, there’s room for individual interpretation and personal preference, however a basic rule of thumb is simply – all the important words start with a capital letter.

However, which words are the ‘Important’ ones? I like to think that the statement simply provides just the right amount of freedom to allow you to go away and continue to be creative with your ads. Take a look at the example Ad below and it may give you an indication of my interpretation of ‘proper’ Camel Casing is. But hey, that’s just my interpretation!

Camel casing

Need some hard evidence? Well here it is, and it’s more impressive than you might expect. Our US cousins have provided us with a peach of a figure to really shout the benefits of Camel Casing from the rooftops.

The test was run for a well know fashion retailer. Two identically worded ads ran side by side across a variety of product types, encompassing a broad range of data. One ad implemented Camel Casing while the other was entirely in lower case.

I know the question you want to ask. How did this affect click through rate? I’ll let the numbers do the talking.

Lower case Click Through Rate – 1.30%

Camel case Click Through Rate – 4.62% 

This one result alone speaks volumes for the benefits of including Camel Casing in your ads.

So don’t get the hump (sorry) next time somebody challenges you prove the merits of your Camel Cased ads. Here’s all the evidence you need, gift wrapped, tied in a bow and ready to go.

Happy Camel Casing PPCers!

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